The first of many: Moving on

Well… what have we here. To state the obvious – I am writing again.

Sigh… those words are joyful. However – and importantly – I have explaining to do, which I accept responsibility for.

I went AWOL. I pulled a runaway bride, out the bathroom window with no explanation.  In actual fact, I have an explanation. A fairly legitimate one at that. But with crying over spilt milk, and water under the bridge, and water off a duck’s back in mind, may I request that we move on from what mGd was, to what it will (hopefully, potentially) become?

I confess – I made the blog murky. Excess baggage with unwanted kilos. It started as a story, and a canvas to support a love for writing, but ended up being (1) complicated, (2) containing unnecessary information, (3) supporting irrelevance, and (4) causing cloudiness on an otherwise clear day.

So… this is the plan. Henceforth, as in from today, mGd will be a blog dedicated to its intended original theme – Fictional Realism.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that I have not lost readership. I hope that I have not lost your support or your interest, and most importantly, I hope that I have not lost you.

I come in peace, and I pledge consistence.

From your writer – Hawa